1. Salt Spring Island, B.C. (08/11)
  2. Salt Spring Island Sailing Club, B.C.
  3. Disembodied Dog Head from Outer Space
  4. DANGER: ‘Beware of Giants Spearing You While You’re Asleep in Your Tent’
  5. Safety Boots Not Required
  6. I ♥ Graffiti.
  7. Rue Henri-Julien, Montreal.
  8. More Montreal graffiti.
  9. Les ruelles de Montréal (Tagged Doorway)
  10. Les ruelles de Montréal (untitled)
  11. Les ruelles de Montréal (Lonely Mandola)
  12. Infradestructure (Laurier metro station, Montreal) 
  13. Taken at Grumpy’s Bar on Bishop St., Montreal
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